Civil unrest

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It seems like the citizens of Port Allen will always be at unrest.

As much as I hate to write that sentence out, it certainly has a trace of truth to it.

W.J. Schurink wrote that Civil disorder, also known as civil unrest or civil strife, is a broad term that is typically used by law enforcement to describe one or more forms of unrest caused by a group of people. Examples of civil disorder include forms of obstructions; sit-ins; riots; sabotage and such. It is intended to be a demonstration to the public and the government, but can escalate into general chaos.

Now, obviously, the city of Port Allen has not reached an actual level of unrest where there are riots and “general chaos” occurring, but it appears to many outsiders looking in that the city has been in a perpetual state of awry for the past few years.

We’ve had many issues in the city, the biggest probably being the arrests and incarcerations of the mayor and police chief for their parts in FBI sting “Operation Blighted Officials.”

But it goes beyond that.

Has the city of Port Allen ever really been one group of citizens? Or have there been negative connotations about people, no matter which side you live on, on the “other side of the tracks?”

We have common ground here – the city. Why does it seem that the points of views of citizen differ so greatly that the city cannot truly be one?

During the city council meeting last week, there were people escorted out of the city hall, there were outbursts, council members were yelling at each other. But I think there was tension way before Mayor Slaughter’s action of firing her CFO.

All of that is not to say that a person in a leadership position shouldn’t be questioned. I feel like a bit of questioning will help keep leadership honest, or at least keep people from doing things they shouldn’t.

In fact, one of the things that Mayor Slaughter said in her campaign was that she would have an open door policy – something television cameras and news stations might disagree with at this point in time.

I’m simply saying that we should try to take the time to see things through each other’s points of view.

There were certain people hired in the city, and you didn’t agree with their being hired. There were things done at the leadership position within the city that you didn’t agree with.

That doesn’t mean that we are enemies and that we should be screaming in one another’s face.

Let’s be civil towards one another. Let’s abolish our perpetual state of civil unrest and move forward as citizens of one city.

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