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The city of Port Allen has really gotten a bad rap in the last couple of years - and especially in these last few weeks.

With rumors, gossip, and even truths that have come out into the public, the city and the residents of the city have, in a way, come out with a black eye.

And many times all we notice is the hurt and the pain of a situation - and rightly so, there’s no ignoring a plain black eye - but what many don’t stop to realize is there are good things happening as well, even in our own city government.

Last week Iwitnessed the WBRSheriff’s Office and Port Allen Police Department, together, go into a house and confiscate drugs that were meant to be sold to people in our city.

Now, I realize you may or may not have discrepancies with Port Allen’s Mayor Slaughter, but I really want to take some time to give credit where credit is due and say praise the efforts of P.A. Police Chief Esdron Brown. The man really seems to be making an attempt to clean up the city’s streets. At least that’s the appearance that I have - your opinion may be different.

But since he’s been in office, he has made several hires. PAPD couldn’t get legitimate applicants before his tenure began - now he has had options on who to hire.

I’ve been told about several arrests of people who are on the streets, dealing drugs. If the police department keeps taking dealers off the streets, I will continue to shout their praises. Chief Brown, good job so far!

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