The Power of Culture

Written by Alfred Moore on .

Imagine with me for a moment. What if Jesus were your boss?

How would He treat you? Would He pay you well? What if you made a mistake? How would Jesus respond? Would He berate and belittle you?

What if Jesus were your employee? What kind of worker would He be? What if Jesus were you neighbor, your co-worker, or a leader within your community? How would things be different? What kind of a culture would you live in? Imagine.

There is no doubt that if Jesus occupied any of these positions in life today, things would be different. The atmosphere surrounding us would be impacted with His wisdom, grace, goodness, and love - just as it was when He walked the earth. We, like those of His day, would be influenced by His way of being. Jesus’ behavior, attitude, morality and ethics would impact our way of being. If we agreed with Him, we would seek to become more like Him. If we disagreed with Jesus, we would despise Him. We would fight to keep our culture intact.

Culture is a force to be reckoned with. It is an energy that governs and rules. While on this earth, Jesus was a powerful man. Powerful people influence culture. His influence on the culture of His day was so profound that many sought to kill Him.  

Culture is values, morals, and a lifestyle. It is behavior, ethics, and the social norm. Culture defines what is acceptable and right within a society. Culture determines everything from how we dress to how we respond to circumstances and situations. Culture influences what we think, say, how we behave. This is why culture is so powerful. It establishes what is normal and acceptable.

Powerful people change culture. They affect the thoughts, words, and actions of others. They influence, impact, and bombard society with the same message. We often complain about “the way of the world”, but seldom seek to directly impact the world’s culture with the culture of Heaven. As believers, we have been empowered by God to shape the culture of this earth. We are to bring God’s values, priorities, ethics and norms into everyday life. Just as Jesus impacted the culture of His day; we are to impact the culture of our day.

Create the culture of Christ in your life. Be like Him. Act like Him. Interact with others like He would. You have imagined Him as your boss, employee, neighbor, co-worker, and community leader. Now imagine yourself as one like Him. Infiltrate your family, neighborhood, work place, and community on His behalf so that you can transform the culture of earth into the culture of heaven.

As Matthew 5 tells us, You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. Export your culture into the world.

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    It is really awesome to hear refreshing words like this especially during this time of separation with Port Allen citizens....

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