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Psalm 107:23-24 AMP – “Some go down to the sea and travel over it in ships to do business in great waters; These see the works of the Lord and His wonders in the deep.”

The “ships” in this scripture are you and I, those who rescue the lost “do business” according to the Lord’s Great Commission, “Go make disciples of all . . .” Matthew 28:8-20  

God’s search and rescue team is equipped to bring aboard those drowning in the stormy “sea” of sin and death. A rescue ship always tied to land will never experience the “great waters” because it’s not doing what it was created to do.

Jesus told His disciples to “launch out into the deep” Luke 5:4.   This is where the miraculous happens! This is the unknown, uncharted, and uncomfortable areas that God desires to lead us into.

Most Christians struggle with leaving the land of the familiar and coast of comfort. Remember your comfort zone can keep you out of God’s end-zone.

Of course, there will be dangers. The whirlwinds of life, ups and downs with people, and the sea sickness of being misunderstood will always rock your boat. But you must allow God to do something big in you so He can do something big through you. It’s okay to be tied in the port of restoration and preparation for a season, but you must eventually pull up the anchor of fear.

Many will take a risk to improve themselves, but “some” will take a risk and “travel” out to help others. We will always fail in our obedience to God if we think only of ourselves. Let us never grow comfortable in our God given blessings.

Every great explorer seems to have always placed themselves in harm’s way. Our responsibility is to use what God has given us to rescue others.

Are you one of those play-it-safe Christians? If you’re dry-docked in an offense, unforgiveness, self-centeredness or complacency, you will never “see” or experience the “works” and “wonders” of the Lord.

I would much rather write history than just always read about it, and work miracles rather than just hear about them. Let’s go beyond the shoreline of “I can’t”, “they won’t”, and “I’m not good enough.”  

It’s time to shape up and ship out Mate! It’s time to conquer the high seas of this dying world around us!

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