The Elephant

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If you ever wanted to know the truth, you would need to look at the facts. However, one needs to understand that you can know some facts and be completely wrong about the truth.

For example, if three blind people described an elephant to another person, they might say an elephant is much like a snake. Long, curving, and moves on its own (though they would be feeling the Elephants trunk). Another might say an elephant is not at all like a snake it is immovable smooth, and cold (though it is actually the tusk of the elephant hey are feeling). The third might say; well an elephant is like a large piece of rough sandpaper (though actually the person was just feeling one side of the elephant.

All three are correct, but all three lack the big picture of the total elephant.

Religion is often times skewed like this. People are given a perspective of what is most convenient, and leaves out sometimes what they cannot explain, or what does not fit their lifestyle.

However, one cannot remove a portion of the scripture without changing the very character of God. The Bible is an “all or none” deal. You either are going to believe the message that Jesus Christ is indeed the savior of the world, or you will reject it.

History tells us, that the evidence is overwhelming that Jesus Christ is really who he says He is: The Son of God.

Perhaps you have come to a conclusion about religion, because you have been given a perspective by a so called “expert” that only was able to see one part of the big picture. Your conclusion would then be based off of a partial truth that does not come to a correct conclusion.

Here is a question for you: If you were unsure of the truth would you want to know the truth for sure? I would like to invite you to a place where traditions and philosophies of men have been thrown out the window, and plain simple truth reigns. We have moved into our new building, “Out of the tent” and into a new facility. We would like you to come “just as you are” (suits not required, jeans encouraged) and see the whole elephant for actually what it is… You might be surprised to find out that “religion” is not what we are to follow at all, but instead it is a “relationship” that is real and personal.

April 14th is a special dedication service for the new building with dinner on the grounds. Come hang out with family and friends. Come see truth. Find out the elephant is not religion, but it is about hope, healing and purpose. Hope to see you at 10 a.m. on the 14th!

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