Between fear and faith

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Let’s be honest, at some point almost all of us have found ourselves standing between fear and faith. Fear is embracing the possibility that something bad or unpleasant may happen.  

Faith expects something good to occur despite the possibility, probability, or existence of “bad”.

As Christians, we know and understand what God has already done, and is able to do for us. This, however, does not prevent us from dealing with difficulties from time to time. In life, we are sure to encounter an issue, decision, or challenge that leaves us wondering if we really believe God. We may even ask ourselves if God hears us at all when we pray. Most often, we say that we believe God’s promises are true, but our life lacks the manifestation of those promises. His blessings are not obvious, evident, or easy to see in our daily circumstances. In the face of this truth, we sometimes become fearful.

What are we to do when we occupy this place? Are we to charge ahead with confessions of faith, and hope for the best? Do we dig into God’s word and find more ammunition to use against the enemy? Or, do we do nothing at all and wait for God to do something? How do we increase our faith? What do we do to overcome difficult situations?

Though most of us already know the answer to these questions, we seldom do what we know to do. That is, spending time with God, and getting to know Him intimately. This is the key to developing faith and overcoming fear.

We must also understand that faith is not difficult to obtain. Many work hard to find faith. They believe that quoting scriptures and passionate prayers increase their faith. However, living in faith is a simple process. It involves understanding, honesty, and relationship. As we read the word, talk with God, and spend time worshiping Him, we gain clarity concerning the problems and difficulties we face. Our power is not in our works, but in the work He has already done.

Most importantly, understand that faith is not something that we have the ability to produce within ourselves. It is a gift from God, and is a characteristic that the Holy Spirit produces in our lives. Quoting scriptures and denying the reality of a situation is not a demonstration of faith. Focusing on God’s love for us is the essence of faith. Knowing His thoughts and understanding His character and how much He cares for us is what will bring about change. The more we know Him, the stronger our faith grows. Our faith is in His love for us.

Throughout life fear will attempt to engage us as we face various trials. It is in knowing the heart of God that we find peace and assurance of victory in faith.

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