Memorial Day

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It was a spring morning in 1866, just after the Civil War that had devastated the South. A group of Southerners marched down the streets of what was left of their town to a cemetery.

There they decorated the graves of ALL the soldiers - Union as well as Confederate.

The mothers, daughters and widows had buried their dead. The time for healing had come. It was the first Memorial Day.

Have you ever wondered why Memorial Day is marked in May? Its date doesn't recall some historic battle, or the start of some war. Why, then, May? Because it is a time when flowers bloom. Flowers with which to decorate graves.

Most people, now, can no longer be bothered with kneeling at a grave to plant a flower or say a prayer - it would take time away from the beach, the backyard or the ball park.

At the National Cemetery on Long Island, it has become necessary to advertise for volunteers to place flags on the graves of veterans as the number of veteran volunteers has decreased. But many of those who volunteer have no idea why they are there.

One young man, a 13-year-old boy scout, was asked if he understood why the members of his Troop were there placing flags on the graves. He replied, "To get service hours." I believe that if we are to get our nation on the right track - a nation that understands freedom was not free, but it cost the lives of our forefathers and many an American - we would have one heart again as a nation.

I also believe that if we had one heart on simple moral absolutes we would have one focus as a nation, “to love one another.” In doing so, we would take care of each other.

I was troubled by an article the Advocate printed about Christianity being the problem in our world. It was written by a guy with a degree in chemistry who misinterpreted, and took out of context a bunch of Bible verses. He did as good a job as I would have trying to explain to you, “The example of the Substitution Method for Nonlinear Systems”… which I cannot do, without expert training and understanding in chemical engineering. Thus I do not try to speak as an authority on a subject of which I know nothing of.

However our world thinks that if a guy has a Ph.D that he or she must be an authority on anything, including the Bible. That is just not true.

There is one more thing to remember for Memorial Day - Jesus gave his life that you and I might live, and there is more historical evidence proving that truth, then we have saying George Washington was our first President. However, George Washington was our first president, and Jesus Christ did, indeed, die for our sins.

Memorial day will be remembered when we train up our children and teach them those things that are important, and make sure we know of which we speak, which always needs to be in “truth.”

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