Persevering in Prayer

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Matthew 15:23-28

We have all been in a place like this that we read about today, where we pray and it doesn't seem as though God is answering or when he does answer He isn't giving us a favorable response.

The woman first approached Jesus knowing that He was a God of mercy. Mercy is God not giving you what you do deserve. Grace is God giving you what you don't deserve.

What a humble approach we should have when we pray, with the attitude that we don't deserve anything from God which puts us totally depending on His goodness to be demonstrated in our life.

We don't always understand Jesus’ responses toward us, but we know it is always for our ultimate benefit because all things work together for our good, those that love The Lord.

vv23 Jesus gives no response to her first petition, have you been there?

vv24 The second petition Jesus gives an unfavorable response as though He isn't going to help, have you been there?

vv26 Jesus answers for the third time in an unfavorable way toward her prayers for the healing of her daughter. Why? Sometimes God wants us to persevere in our prayer, we need to see how important it was for the woman to respond correctly to what seemed like a denial. She didn't stop believing or pursuing like some do when their prayer is delayed.

How will you respond to prayers that are delayed, have you given up on them?

Maybe you have walked away from Jesus angry because He didn't answer. It’s never that He doesn't answer, we stop believing and pursuing.

He said call me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you know not (Jer. 33:3) wherever you are and whatever you have begun to lose heart in believing God about, ARISE AND PURSUE FOR YOU WILL RECOVER ALL!

Faith never sees that God can't, it just sees God can, all she knew was that God could. Delayed prayers should never turn our hearts from a good and faithful God.

God has the best intentions for your life, persevere in prayer!

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