Dealing with Disconnections

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In today’s technology driven world, we sometimes experience a “disconnect” with informative sources. From time to time, signal interruptions prevent us from accessing streams that provide us with relevant or desired information and content.

Whether it involves a cell phone, cable or satellite TV, a personal computer, or other smart devices; these “disconnects” can easily influence our attitude, behavior, and actions.

When we lose connectivity, frustration, anxiety, and annoyance are often experienced. Despite these feelings, most of us seek a resolution to the problem. Often, we attempt to solve the problem based on our knowledge. If that doesn’t work, we seek assistance from a more knowledgeable source. We either speak to someone who is able to guide us to a solution, or, we consult the product manual for answers.

As Christians, when we face problems and difficulties in life, it is often because of the same type of “disconnect”. Instead of disconnecting with technology, we disconnect from the heart of God.   This behavior causes us to feel frustrated, anxious, and unhappy. When this happens, most of us want to blame others for our plight. However, the truth is, we have only ourselves to blame.

There are times when we allow the busyness of life to affect our time with God; choosing to focus on the things we need to accomplish rather than on our need to connect with Him.

We may also think about the problem more than we think about the solution. In addition, we may allow negative thoughts to consume us by asking, “What if …?” Before you know it, we’ve experienced a “disconnect” with God.

When this occurs, we need to “cast down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.” (II Corinthians 10:5)

What this means is that we are to immediately deal with anything that causes us to disconnect from God. Whether it’s busyness, a problem, or thinking about the wrong thing; we are to cast it down – throw it out – get rid of it. We do this by acknowledging the problem and changing our focus to reconnecting with God.

When you know that you have disconnected from the heart of God, stop and focus on a plan to reestablish the connection. Don’t attempt to solve your problem using your own knowledge. Seek assistance from a more knowledgeable source – God! Talk to Him about the problem. Listen for His answers. Pray original, heart felt prayers. Do not concern yourself with saying certain things or sounding a certain way. Be you! Share your heart with God. Be real with Him about your feelings and outlook regarding your situations and circumstances. Spending time like this with the Lord will establish a reconnection quickly.

Invite God into your daily life. Keeping Him there will ensure that your connection is strong and solid. You will receive the latest Kingdom update containing the answers you need.

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