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Written by Aaron Williams on .

On the evening of Tuesday, July 2, a judge made several rulings on the Petition for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief and Restoration of Funds, a case in which three Port Allen City Council members were suing the city’s mayor.

Anyone that has been paying attention to the drama lavished upon Port Allen politics knows the claims against mayor Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter, but for those who are unaware, here’s a short list of her alleged misbehaviors while in office since January:

- Receiving reimbursements for her travel to Washington D.C. and attendance of the Presidential Inauguration. [Slaughter contests she did conduct business while in D.C., speaking with U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu about Port Allen, a claim Landrieu allegedly denies]

- Drawing a salary of $20,000 more, per year, than was budgeted in the 2012-2013 budget

- Drawing more of a car allowance than was approved by the city council

- Firing city CFO, Audrey McCain, which was overturned by Judge Batiste in a ruling that the CFO was a department head and could not be fired without council approval

- Stripping the CFO of her online banking and check writing authority

- Attempting to severely reduce the CAO’s and the CFO’s salaries in the proposed 2013-2014 budget

If you briefly read through the supposed wrongdoings of the mayor, you’ll see in many cases, the source of wrong is the fact that she didn’t get council approval

It’s become obvious that the mayor and the council’s majority simply do not get along.

But what I have recently taken notice of may be far more detrimental to the city than any wrongdoings of the mayor or the city council – it’s the comments that have been made by the citizens in the midst of it all.

Slaughter often tries to defend herself – and she makes terrible grammatical errors. Her mistakes make me squeamish, as a lover of the English language.

Quotes like, “I been witch hunt…” and confusing the words accusation and acquisition – Slaughter, and the English language, has surely seen better days.

And I know that when a public figure, such as a mayor, makes such abhorrent errors in language that she will be made fun of – see Saturday Night Live.

But Slaughter’s misspoken words are no reason to bash an entire group of people.

Port Allen High Students, Southern University students, African-Americans, educated and uneducated alike – deserve more respect than for people to bash them, especially in an open forum.

Some people speak well, others don’t – no matter the race, creed, religion, or education, believe it or not.

I’m pretty thick-skinned (you have to be in this profession), but I think it is in very bad taste to go beyond making fun of a person because of a mistake to bashing an entire people group – I couldn’t care less whether or not you disagree with a judgment in court, and I’m glad you care so much about your city, but your true colors begin to shine through when you speak out of anger.

The negative words spoken about a people group, and the mindset in which those words are derived, are far more dangerous than the action or inaction of the city’s mayor or council.

Keep it classy, Port Allen.


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