Jesus will never give up on you

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(Matthew 12:20) A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory.

Who is Christ the lamb? In order for us to see His humility we need to see what He gave up for you and I. (Isaiah 6:1) shows what life Christ had before coming to earth being sent by his father just for you and I, He emptied himself of His deity so He could act as our substitute for sins.

There are many today that reflect a harsh and uncaring Jesus who just wants to put sinners in hell. Jesus didn't come to put sinners in hell but to save them from hell.

It is true that Jesus will judge all that have not believed on him as their personal savior and as a result they will experience eternal damnation for their rejection of Jesus (John 1:29) introduces Jesus as the Lamb of God who would be the sacrifice for our sins because he is the lamb without sin, His nature is pure.

The gospel shows a contrast between Jesus and the religious leaders of his day, the religious leaders were harsh, uncaring, inconsiderate, they looked for reason to enforce the law of God on sinners. They misrepresented a loving and caring God who loved man so much that he sent his only son to redeem them. He preached Righteousness to sinners, told them they were sinners but God was offering forgiveness and they drew close to him.

Why? Because it was and is love that draws and saves not judgment. Jesus was showing them who God was, (Matthew 9:12) says it’s the sick that need a doctor not the healthy.

When one is sick you care and nourish them back to health. Jesus’ nature is to care for and love us out of our sick condition of sin. “The bruised reed shall he not break” means He will not crush or shatter anything that is already damaged.

Jesus doesn't see anyone’s condition as beyond repair, He can repair the most shattered life. “Smoking flax shall he not quench” speaks of a lamp that has ceased to burn clearly, because of the black smoke it has become more annoying. We may blow it out but Jesus will not.

If you want to know how Jesus feels about you here it is no matter what you have done and no matter how far down you have gone as a result of what you have done, there is one that wants to restore you to a usable place and condition. Jesus came to care for those defeated by sin, to love you and restore you to relationship with God through the blood of his cross.

Now in spite of how man may misrepresent God in his teaching and action today know that Jesus loves you and wants to repair your life to a whole state and will never give up on you.

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