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All of us are know by our personality. Friends, family, coworkers, and others associate our way of being with who we are. God, however, does not do this.

From the moment of conception, God assigns each of us a persona. A persona differs from a personality in that personality refers to a set of characteristics possessed by an individual. Personality includes information processing skills, emotions, motivations, and behaviors. When someone describes our personality, they are, in essence, describing our temperament and behavior.

Persona is something you assume or put on. Originally, the word referred to a theatrical mask. It was something stage actors put on in order to play a role. Once an actor donned the mask of a particular character, he became the voice and body for that character. His speech, actions, and purpose were dictated by the author of the creative work. Everything the actor said and did was what the creator of the work wanted him to say and do.

God is our creator. We can say that our persona reflects the role He wants us to play in His creation. We are to put on the persona He has assigned to us and be His voice in the earth.

We are to live out the script He has already written for us. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord...” Jeremiah 29:11 We are to listen for His voice, recognize our role, put on the “mask” of our persona, and perform according to the script He has already written.

Our heavenly persona identifies who we really are. It is the identity that God has given us. It reveals our purpose and destiny. It is the base from which we should operate.

However, we are seldom acquainted with our own persona. God’s call to us has gone unanswered. We are often too busy with daily responsibilities, too afraid of failure, or overwhelmed with life to hear His voice. This is illustrated in the life of Gideon.

In Judges 6, Gideon is found threshing wheat in the wine press. He is planning on hiding the wheat from the enemy that had Israel under siege. Gideon is probably nervous and fearful as he works. He is most certainly weary of the unrest in his country. Suddenly God appears and addresses him as a might man of valor.

Now, remember, Gideon is hiding wheat from his enemies. There is nothing valiant about that. Nonetheless, the Lord gives him an assignment and a plan to execute.  

God gives Gideon a “mask” to wear – a persona -- that of mighty man of valor. Through much uncertainty, Gideon dons the mask, plays the part and saves his country, Israel.

Ask the Lord to reveal your persona to you. Put on the “mask” He gives to you. The “mask” is His plan and purpose for your life. It is who you really are. It identifies the role you are to play in life.

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