A Poured Out Life

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2 TIMOTHY 4:6-8

The Apostle Paul used his life to shine light on the Kingdom of God.

Every fiber of his being after his Damascus road experience went towards furthering the cause of Christ.

It’s not that he did not have a life outside of the work of mission and ministry, but I believe that every opportunity presented to him was used to point others to the cross of Christ. Imagine that, living your life unashamed, unwavering and always ready to be of service to the Master.

Paul used everything he had to ensure the early churches understood the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What’s important is that we understand that Paul was not perfect, coming from someone who opposed the teachings of Christ through persecutions. Just like many of us, he had a history. We follow his life from hating the church and Christians and assisting in their executions because of their beliefs to being the number one proclaimer of the transforming power and necessity of the cross of Christ.

A ministry devoted to giving his all for the furtherance of the Gospel.

It is important for us to know that we should live our lives dedicated to things of God. Things that are holy, true, just and of a good report. Does it mean that we give up Monday Night Football or tailgating? No. Does it mean we give up birthday parties and dinners or bowling? No. All these things can be used to bring glory to God.

But if our lives are used to bring glory, honor and praise to our God then we understand that every opportunity, everything we possess is because of Him. And when we have that understanding we realize that in order to fulfill our purpose these things must be offered back to Him in order to bring Him Glory! That’s a poured out life. Living in such a way that there is no doubt that the things we do, the things that occupy our time gives God the glory, honor and praise He so greatly deserves.

This is what Paul was reminding Timothy his son in ministry. He wanted to ensure that even though it may have been somewhat rugged, the path that he took would always please God.

Paul was telling Timothy that everything that was in him was used for the glory of God. Paul kept nothing for himself; his zeal, his zest, his talent, his tenacity, his charisma, his character, his intellect, his integrity were all tools used to spread the Good News.

Paul didn’t hold anything back, he gave all. And at the end of his journey he had this satisfaction. The vessel was empty and there was nothing left to give.

Can we try to duplicate the Apostle Paul’s love and adoration for God? Can we make an attempt to zealously spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Can we live a poured out life?

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