Am i my brother’s keeper?

Written by Richelle Lewis-Castine on .

Genesis 4:9

I am beginning to despise the daily news. Murders, robbery, homelessness, hunger, drug addiction, HIV.

Families are fighting and in despair. Schools are unsafe and our children are suffering. Our children are targets for sex and devious acts. Our elderly and Veterans neglected.

Where is my brother? Where is my neighbor? Is anybody looking after them?   Does anybody care?

Our world is falling apart around us as we are fighting among each other and totally ignoring the cries of our brothers.

It’s time for us to come back to what really matters. It is time to come back to what is really real. It’s time for us to go back to “the old land mark” which will put us in touch with a Holy, Righteous Creator.

I am more than sure that God is not pleased with some of our actions and attitudes of this day. We are supposed to be a caring, comforting, LOVING people. Where is the love? Too many questions for you? I still have more.

How can we go between the consecrated walls of the House of God, worship and pray to God, receive the Holy Sacrament come right out of the church and look at others with disdain and condescension? (And those of us who do not attend a place of worship on a regular basis are no better!) Pass by the hungry and the homeless, the widow on a fixed income, the single mother or father struggling to raise a family.

Have we not ALL sinned and come short of God’s glory? (Romans 3:23) Don’t we all have “history?”

Many of us have more than one closet full of skeletons. How can we not love our LGBT community and hate the sin of homosexuality?

But that is exactly our problem. There is a shortage on love. Love makes the difference. Love will cover a multitude of sins.

Love conquers all.

People, as sure as you live and breathe, if you believe in God then you must believe that He is a God of love (John 3:16) and if you believe that He is a God of love, then you must believe that He requires more from us. The USA is said to be the richest country in the world. But rich in what? Hypocrisy?    

Before Cain took his brother Abel’s life in the book of Genesis,   God warned him that he must master sin. We must learn to recognize the sins of our living and master them. Even as much as we do, there is still so much more to be done.

Hopelessness and despair is a perpetual evil. And as the holiday season is approaching it may get worse for some.

Let us remember how much God loves us. Let us remember the purpose of being blessed is to bless someone else.

It’s time for somebody to be my brother’s keeper.

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