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"Waiting On The World To Change"

Me and all my friends 

We're all misunderstood 

They say we stand for nothing and 

There's no way we ever could 

Now we see everything that's going wrong 

With the world and those who lead it 

We just feel like we don't have the means 

To rise above and beat it 

Chorus: So we keep waiting 

Waiting on the world to change 

We keep on waiting 

Waiting on the world to change 

It's hard to beat the system 

When we're standing at a distance 

So we keep waiting 

Waiting on the world to change 

Now if we had the power 

To bring our neighbors home from war 

They would have never missed a Christmas 

No more ribbons on their door 

And when you trust your television 

What you get is what you got 

Cause when they own the information, oh 

They can bend it all they want 


It's not that we don't care, 

We just know that the fight ain't fair 

So we keep on waiting 

Waiting on the world to change 

And we're still waiting 

Waiting on the world to change 

We keep on waiting waiting on the world to change 

One day our generation 

Is gonna rule the population 

So we keep on waiting 

Waiting on the world to change 

We keep on waiting 

Waiting on the world to change

John Mayer © 2006

John Mayer’s a talented young man. His talent for rhyme, rhythm and tempo, can plumb emotions making you feel human and vulnerable. Talent like this points thought toward truth and truth deeper into thought.

I don’t know Mayer’s politics. He could be as liberal as I am conservative. That’s his right as conservatism is mine. But, the most important part is having a right to divergent beliefs and theories. We shouldn’t be minimalized because we think one way and those in power think in another diametrically opposed direction. Occasionally we feel distanced from life. We feel distanced our participation in the decision making affects us and our children the most, both immediately and in the future.

We’re “represented” (sarcasm) by people elected from a pool more a stagnant miasma of confusing self-generated programs we’re told are our will. We’re told what’s good for us. We’re told we’re too immature, too old, too uninformed and too “out of it” to be allowed to decide our own fates. WE can’t be trusted by government to do what’s best for us by reining in the selfish impulses of people believing themselves to be separate, apart and superior to us. They have money and by choice choose to live separate and apart from us as they rule over us. They remain removed from those they’re responsible to.

It’s NOT representative government when the governors are removed from the people elected them. What we have is despotism leading to domination. The tactics used by one camp to vilify the other is exemplified in the language and rhetoric of the attacks used while all the time declaring they want bi-partisan participation deciding America’s direction. Yet, at the same time politically based progressives blatantly pulse the inner enmity they feel for their political opposition like an infected wound. They find discussion inappropriate because it’s different from their thoughts. They want change in only their direction. They won’t negotiate lest it be the conditions of their opponent’s abject and total capitulation on ideas, ideals and principles.

This opposition to the present administration is a form of ideological war. It’s this debate as to whether we’ll be a nation of men or strictly of laws. Either side can be emotionless, uncaring and unresponsive to debate. This discussion created the nation we know as the United States of America. We have different values, goals and dreams. We have different wants, drives and desires. But most of all we should be singing of the same love for country as our founders did; just in separate, different voices.

The rhythm of the American song is heartfelt. It needs your voice to create the harmony necessarily understood in a fully committed choir.

What are YOU waiting for? Sing out to be heard.

Thanks for listening

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