It Is Finished!

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Most of us are familiar with the fact that, in the beginning, God created man and placed him in the Garden of Eden.  Genesis tells us that all sorts of beautiful trees grew in the garden.  These trees also produced good food.  There were rivers in Eden and the land contained gold and other precious stones.

Let’s think about this environment for a moment.  It was perfect!  In fact, the word Eden means delightful place or a paradise.  God set up a delightful paradise for man to live in.  He provided a beautiful environment that contained everything man needed and desired.  There was nothing missing in Eden.  It was perfect, polished, excellent and complete.  It was a finished work.  

There was no sickness, sadness, lack, hunger, thirst, or loneliness. Nothing like this existed.  There was no need for money.  Eden did not have a commerce system with a means of exchange.  Everything was free.  God placed man into a completely perfect environment that contained His free flowing goodness.  It was completely finished.  

Then, Adam and Eve threw all of that away when they disobeyed God.  Their disobedience exposed the world and mankind to the influence of Satan.  Because of sin, they could no longer live in God’s finished work.  They could no longer live in the delightful paradise God had designed specifically for them.  

We are all victims of Adam and Eve’s rebellion.   We are all forced to live in a world of compromise, difficulty, greed, selfishness, and turmoil.  However, there is a way for us to live in the finished work of Christ.  We can live in that environment where everything we need and desire is available to us.  We can live in a place where we have unlimited access to God’s goodness.  We can do this through Jesus Christ.

Just before Jesus died on the cross, He said three very powerful words, “It is finished!”  (John 19:30)
What does this statement mean?  Jesus is simply saying that because of Him we can live in that finished work again.  

Through Him, we have access to this land of goodness and provision once again.  While He will not physically place us into the finished work of the Garden of Eden, He will enable the finished work to live in us when we accept Him.  All of God’s goodness lives inside of us once Jesus comes in.   If we know, understand and believe this, we will experience a full and rich life in God’s finished work.

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