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Written by Richelle Lewis-Castine on .

Exodus 16:1-17:7

Psalm 92 and 104

"Every Day is a Day of Thanksgiving! God's been so good to me. Every day He's blessing me. Every day is a day of Thanksgiving! Take some time to glorify the Lord today!"

-Traditional Gospel Song

As we look around once again we see how our Heavenly Father has blessed us to enjoy another season of Thanksgiving.   But the question in my mind today is are we truly thankful?

Surely we have taken the the time this morning to meditate and reflect on His goodness but have we taken the time to mend broken areas in our homes and families? Are we truly thankful for those around the table?

Come on, let's seriously examine our hearts by the rod of the Word of God to see whether or not our relationships are real or just superficial.

We say things sometimes so often that the words just roll off of our tongues so quickly that there's no time to think about what we have said. Sure we say we love, but do we show and practice love daily?

When the children of Israel came out of the land of Egypt out from Pharaoh's hard task masters God took care of them. But as time went on they grumbled and complained about there situation.  

God provided miracles every day to sustain them. During this time they missed an important lesson. They were focused on their physical needs while God was trying to teach them to lean on Him.

As we leave the season of Thanksgiving and as we approach the advent season of expectation let us focus on what matters most.

It's not who prepared the turkey or the dressing but it's about the one who made it all possible. Don't miss the opportunities around you this Thanksgiving to love.

To be loved and to show love. It's what matters most.

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