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*This column originally ran June 23, 2011

“Esau heard the words of his father, he cried with an exceedingly great and bitter cry, and said to his father, Bless me; me also, O my father!" Genesis 27:34

How many people you know have painful, broken relationships with their natural fathers? It’s a good chance they didn’t get their father’s blessing. Most dads are programmed to provide materialistically, and it is very difficult for them to verbalize and exemplify “I love you.”

Just as Esau desired his father’s blessing, so do many children. Because Esau didn’t receive his father’s best, he inadvertently made wrong decisions. If you see your natural father wrong, you will perceive your heavenly God wrong.  

People respond to life in the image they have of God. If your father was distant, unavailable, and not personable, you will see God the same way. If your father kept a record of wrong doings, God becomes to you a score keeper with a large red marker ready to put an F on your paper of life. Perception in deception gives wrong direction. What kind of dad did you have?

Abusive - unhealthy words and hurtful events are lodged in your heart. His wrong actions left a black mark on your soul.

Passive - He’s nice and generous, but mama wore the pants, he couldn’t lead spiritually so the household was a wreck.

Absent - Distant, abstract, no identity with him, he died or never was alive to you.

Performance-based - “Son I will give you the blessing but you must earn it.” You have jumped through every hoop but it was never ever good enough.

Have you been chasing something illusive in your life, always coming up short and empty? Have you experienced 100 different hugs from 100 different people and still left thirsty for dad’s hugs. Are you married with children and still looking for dad’s affection?   Are you working hard just to prove to your dead dad you’re good enough? I will admit, I am not perfect, but I have decided to be an Empowering Dad, one who exemplifies, teaches, and corrects with Biblical truths and unconditional love.

The enemy’s goal is to wreck the image of your natural father to shatter the image of your heavenly Father. Jesus said, “When you see me you have seen the Father.” Today, Jesus can give you everything your natural father could not give you.

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