First Impressions Stick

Written by Shedrick Winfield on .

Luke 2:11-12

We have all heard people say that first impression is the most important while important it is not an absolute truth because first impression often isn't is the whole person so we need to be carful about first impression.

Why is it Important? THAT IMAGE IS WHAT STICKS.

Over 25 year ago some friends and I had a fight with some other guys in front of his then- girlfriend’s mother house, which is today his wife!

The both of us today are preachers of the gospel. I was asked to preach his pastors anniversary, he then introduced me to his mother-in-law and said “mother-in-law, you know Shedrick,” and she said “I don't think I do.”

Then he said he was fighting with me many years ago with some guys in front your house. She immediately replied, “I know him now.”

You see, first impressions stick, even though they don’t have to be final impressions they are reality in our lives. God’s first impression to mankind is what He wants to stick!

Shepherds were in a field one night tending their sheep when angels appeared to them and revealed the message of Jesus’ birth. Shepherds were the least likely to receive the message of Jesus because they were despised, viewed as unclean because they handled sheep and looked at as ignorant because they hadn't been schooled in levitical law.

Some celebrate in this season the birth of a baby but the angels presented Him as a Savior to man.

In this season may your faith be in who the baby was, mankind’s savior from sin. The Bible teaches signs have in them an explanation of something hidden and secretive!  

v12 The baby, the manger, the swaddling clothes were signs of a deeper truth.

I pray in this season the lights, the gifts, the trees, family fellowship, and church Christmas morning will be an outward sign of a deep inward reality to you about the truth of your savior that was born into this life to die for our sins.

May God’s first impression to the world, that a Savior was born, stick in your hearts this season and forever!

Merry Christmas West Baton Rouge!

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