It’s never too late for vision

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Here it is, a couple of days into the New Year, and I’m sure some of us have already failed to honor the resolutions we’ve made.

Promising to do more of “this” and less of “that” seems feasible at the time of our pledge.

However, the reality of attaining the goal we set sometimes overwhelms us as we seek to accomplish it. This plight is common, and is often the reason many of us don’t commit to making any changes at all.

We should not allow thoughts of failure to stop us from setting goals, establishing dreams, and creating vision. These are powerful things to do at any point during the year – not just the beginning of the year.

While January 1st offers a great opportunity to start anew, any day is a great day to establish a new vision, dream new dreams, and set new goals. So, if you have already missed your mark, be encouraged.

It’s never too late to create a vision!

God tells us that we can establish goals and achieve them if we would write our vision in a clear, concise manner so that we can read it at a glance (Habakkuk 2:2). This requires taking the time to think about and define what we really want in life.

Ask yourself, “What is my vision for my family, relationships, and finances?” Consider your physical, spiritual, educational, professional, recreational, and personal goals.

This may seem like a lot to think about, but begin by making a list which includes the categories listed above. Feel free to add areas that I did not mention.

Next, identify 3-4 areas that you most desire to see change in. Develop a vision of what you would like each area to look like.

For example, if you want to have a more meaningful relationship with your child or a more fit and tone body. Write that down. Imagine what that looks like. Develop a mental picture of that. If it helps, find a picture on the internet or in a magazine that depicts what you want. Then, find a scripture to support your vision. This scripture will strengthen you on challenging days.

Next, write a brief statement summarizing your goal. In keeping with our example let’s say, “Quality time with my child,” or “Body better than ever!”

Once you have done this, note the challenges and obstacles that you may face as you work to conquer these areas. It is important to do this because you can become easily discouraged in the face of difficulties. You will need a plan in place to deal with them.

Also, identify the motivation for your vision. Ask, “Why is it important to me?”

Finally, give yourself step by step instructions to follow in pursuit of your vision. The instructions can apply daily, weekly or monthly. Remember to write everything so that it can be easily read while you are on the run.

This is the wisdom of God in action. Do this, and your life will change for the better!

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