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Written by Tom Shepard on .

*This column originally appeared in the West Side Journal in March 2012

In the movie Chariots of Fire, 100m Olympian hopeful Charles Abrams, had just suffered his first defeat in his lifetime against the Scottish runner and Missionary Eric Liddle.

He sat in the stands after the race just staring out into “no-where,” kind of pouting about his defeat.

His girlfriend made the glib remark, (not being much of an encourager), “You’ll just have to run faster.” Charles Abrams shouted back in frustration, “I can’t run any faster,” Charles resigned himself to just accept that he was no longer the fastest man in the world.

It was then that the famous Track and Field Coach Sam Mussabini, an expert in his field, stepped up and said, “Mr. Abrams, I think I can find you another three paces!” Which meant, about another 15 feet, which was about what he was beaten by soundly in his event that day. The story goes on to have Charles Abrams winning the 100m event in the 1924 Paris Olympiad.

Often times, we think we are doing all we can possibly do to make the marriage work, or our family come together in unity, or keep our children out of trouble and be model citizens. We may be doing literally everything we can, to the fullest amount we can, but the results do not seem to be there.

It is times like these that we need an “Expert coach” who can find us a few more steps that we simply cannot see… That coach is Jesus Christ, and the playbook is the scripture. However, sometimes we need a place that can show us in a simple practical way where in the “playbook” does it talk about children, marriage, home-life, and just managing work.

Well the best place to go for that would be in a church that is growing, and actively serving it’s community, where we train moms and dads, to do just that. Where we train single moms, and dads, to do that as well, where we understand that the God of the Bible can take something broken, indeed lives that are broken and make them new again. (Romans 8:28).

It is my prayer that you will find a church like that! If you do not have a church already, come visit us at FBC Addis, where we have it on good authority that if you need a second chance, you can have one… and we can show you where to find the extra paces to those answers in life.

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