The Cost of the Dream

Written by Father Dave Allen on .

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lection season has begun and continues through next year with our national election.  We hear promises of what one will do, as if they have some new powers.  Many, but not all, speak as if they are the chosen one and others are uncaring and incapable of making a difference.  They promote themselves through unbalanced, unchristian and often untrue commercials.


No lone Patriot

Written by Richard "Sarge" Garwood on .

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It’s always interesting to note how people grow, or cease to grow, when confronted by change. I belong to a group of people seeking to enlighten and educate people to the fact that liberal agendas are based on specific socialist principles clearly evident and patently offensive to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Too little too late

Written by Richard “Sarge” Garwood on .

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Impeaching IRS commissioner is a futile effort

In an effort to look as though they’re doing something - anything similar to taking action, - the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee started procedures to impeach  John Koskinen, the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Koskinen is implicated in a case of abuse of power where Tea Party organizations were punitively targeted and effectively stalled from receiving tax-exempt status.


A stronger Louisiana

Written by Gov. Bobby Jindal on .

More Opportunities with Higher Incomes

As my term comes to an end, I want to take the time to look back on the economic opportunities that have been created over the past eight years. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the debates and the back-and-forth of this governor’s race, and rightfully so. My hope is the next governor will be able to continue our record of accomplishment on revamping our economy and bringing prosperity to the private sector.


Vote with Conviction

Written by Tom Shepard on .


Voting is in the air, and if there was anything that becomes divisive within the church, it is politics. I believe though, that if we looked at things biblically instead of selfishly we would put into power those we can trust.

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