Love is Powerful

Written by Alfred Moore on .

Often when we hear or say the word love, we picture something soft and delicate. While this is true, the essence of love is actually its strength and power.  

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International what?

Written by Richard “Sarge” Garwood on .

Community: noun; a group of associated nations sharing common interests or a common heritage.

United Nations: noun: an international organization with headquarters in New York City, formed to promote international peace, security and cooperation under the terms of the charter signed by 51 founding countries in San Francisco in 1945

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Using your talent

Written by Aaron Williams on .

This is not something that I normally do.

Usually I reserve this space for a local pastor to give an inspirational message or say something that has been on his/her heart. But this week, I am going to take the privilege of this Cornerstone column to say something that’s on my heart.

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