Winning Against Worry

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The Bible chooses its worry language carefully.  The basic biblical word has the meaning of “to take thought” or “to be careful”.  Those are good things at first glance.  However, the Greek gives us the word picture of a divided mind.  The worries have a mind torn between the real and the possible, the immediate and the potential, the present and the future. 


The same old recipe

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Whenever we look at politics we have to be objective; not influenced by our personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts. Sounds like a simple thing but humans forget there are spices in every recipe we want to taste.

I was married to a lady holding a dim view of additives when she made meatloaf. This included the adding of any spices might allow her meatloaf to become palatable. It was dry. It was grainy. It was an agony to eat as served. But, there it was every Thursday unless we were called to her mother’s house where more taste buds were murdered before the altar of Satan’s Cook Book.


Where We’re Going

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I often get stopped when I’m out and about in West Baton Rouge Parish and speak to people who are loyal readers of the Journal.

I’m always appreciative to know that there are, actually, loyal readers of the paper. It makes me feel like what I do daily is worth it.

But a question I have gotten a lot lately is people wondering if I’m still at the newspaper in the same capacity – if I’m still the editor. To which I assure them that I am.


Sock Puppets

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I suffered the Chinese adage: “may you live in interesting times”. My career was an adventure more than a job and I have the history to prove it. I’ve been hit by cars and been in fights (both fistic and lethal force) of varying degrees of ferocity and duration. The outcome wasn’t always in my favor. I have a catalog of injuries ranging from boo-booes (?) to hospitalizations earning me physical scars and not so easily understood post-incident emotional and mental trauma. So when I awoke I questioned the reason for my headache complemented by the pain in my backside.


Attitude of Gratefulness

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Happy Thanksgiving!

(Ephesians 5:20) Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

Why wouldn't ungratefulness be found in someone's heart today? The bible gives an account of a rich foolish farmer who thought he deserved every good thing he had and more. He didn't take God into consideration at all and gave Him no credit for his blessings. 

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