St. James Inferno

Written by Cole Williams on .


As a small child growing up in Ascension Parish, I was always jealous of my classmates at St. Theresa of Avila School whose parents took them to see the Christmas Eve bonfires in Lutcher/Gramercy each year.


Letter to the Editor: Do us a favor and save the money...

Written by Sharon Taylor Connor on .

Does the Louisiana government not realize that the beautiful new high-tech sign, strategically placed before the Intracoastal bridge, is only a reminder of what we already know and not a solution to the problem of getting to the east side? I have a feeling it's going to cause already aggressive drivers to be even more pi**ed off. Then, once you get over the bridge to Baton Rouge, you have to fight more traffic on the surface streets and the interstates. Keep your state funds and put it toward traffic solution construction.

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The ‘other’ budget challenge

Written by Stephen Waguespack on .

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Much has been written about Louisiana’s chronic state budget deficit. It seems the $25 billion state governmental budget is short once again; and the upcoming special legislative session is being hyped as the solution we have long been promised to stop this recurring cycle of shortfalls.

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