Written by Cole Williams on .

I was motoring westbound on Interstate 10 between Gonzales and Port Allen when it hit me: I had forgotten my iPhone! The horror. My hands started to sweat as I gripped the steering wheel and fought the looming panic attack with slow, deep breaths.


Cheers to the working moms

Written by Quinn Welsch on .

It’s that time of year. I’ll admit that I forget just about every time too.

Mother’s Day.

Though my mother and I are miles apart, I sometimes think that we have gotten closer in a lot of ways. She’s always there for me on the phone when I needed a pick-me-up, when I need someone to talk to and when I have exciting news.


Passing the ‘test’ on Monday

Written by Quinn Welsch on .

Remember Monday? Things got a little crazy.

I’ve seen heavy rains in Washington state and strong winds in Kansas, but never anything as furious as Monday morning’s tornado warning.

I had just slung my bag over my shoulder when my iPhone began blaring a noise unlike any I’ve ever heard it make. If I was still in Iraq, I would have thought to take cover from incoming mortar fire.

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