Marriage: Right and Wrong

Written by Tom Shepard on .


It is sad that I must acknowledge that the Supreme Court of the United States ruled same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states this summer.

I would remind the people of this country, the Supreme Court did not define marriage, nor is it entitled to re-define it.


Racial tension: Ebb and flow

Written by Cole Williams on .


What with the shooting deaths of nine worshippers in the Emanuel African Methodist Episocopal Church, the riots attendant on the anniversary of the Michael Brown killing  and the Black Lives Matter movement,


Never Too Old To Learn!

Written by Gray Pearson on .


Maybe in the past week or so, you have noticed one of the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s vehicles parked in the middle of the road with lights flashing, reminding us all that, once again, school has resumed.

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