A Time to Heal

Written by Matt Lorrain on .


Race relations between black and white Americans have been on the minds of many of us in the aftermath of the senseless killing of nine black people by a white, 21-year-old high school dropout, on June 17.


Thoughts on reinstating the draft

Written by Cole Williams on .


Since our  fairly recent withdrawal from Afghanistan, our country has had no “boots on the ground” in any foreign country. Military bases? Yes. Military advisors? Yes. Fighter planes and drones: definitely. But how long can this hold?


Of follies and flags

Written by Quinn Welsch on .

There has been a lot of talk over the past few weeks about the status of the Confederate battle flag and its meaning in the United States today.

Aside from a few extremist voices, much of the discussion is based on American heritage, whether it is the descendants of slaves or the descendants of Confederate soldiers.


Right and wrong

Written by Tom Shepard on .

As Americans we are facing some tough times in our country.

Our families will feel it, the average American will struggle to make ends meet. In all of this we need to keep a perspective of right and wrong. This will be the playing field where our friends and family will be able to see a model of moral absolutes.

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