As a Child

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In Matthew 18:3, Jesus tells us unless we be converted and become as a child, we won't enter heaven. 

I'm reminded of my daughter Rebecca when she was about 9 years old. She came in the living room one evening and told me and her mother she wanted a baby brother.


Jindal defends 2nd Ammendment after OR shooting

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FROM THE JINDAL PRESS OFFICE: Gov. Jindal appeared on ABC’s This Week, where he condemned the Oregon shooter’s father for lecturing Americans on the need for gun control. Gov. Jindal reiterated that taking away the rights of law abiding Americans is not the answer, and instead called for a cultural renaissance and spiritual revival to stop mass shootings and the moral decay happening in our nation.


Selective ignorance

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I belong to a group dedicated to fighting government waste and the chicanery that politicians are noted for. Each week they meet, greet, and eat with a never-ending queue of political wannabees and personally, mentally and (some) morally challenged individuals seeking public office.

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