Arthurian Gusto

Written by Richard “Sarge” Garwood on .

Years ago I addressed a popular politician conducting a Town Hall Meeting in my community. I took my son to introduce him to the type of small-town political action was famous in my New England village. We met at the Town Hall and regularly questioned, addressed and let our positions be known concerning the conduct of government. It was quaint and the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting. That image is powerful in its silent statement it’s the right of the people to have their voices heard, understood and respected by their representatives.


Running on Empty

Written by Tom Shepard on .

On February 2, 1985, the Daytona 500 Auto Race had just started when, on the beginning of the third lap, the $250,000 machine, driven by professional driver Donny Allison, rolled to a stop on the infield side of the track. When it was checked, it was found that no one had filled it with gas.


The Word is Alive

Written by Gray Pearson on .

When I was in Seminary in Fort Worth, I worked at a small bank in the area. One of the guys I worked with brought in a 3-dimensional picture of the Space Shuttle.

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