More sidewalks coming to Port Allen

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Plans are in the works in the city of Port Allen for pouring concrete sidewalks on the following streets: Avenue C from 14th Street to Pacific Street, Pacific Street to Avenue B, 10th Street, 11th Street, 12th Street and 13th Street between Louisiana Avenue and Michigan Avenue.

Work is expected to begin on this project in November, Mayor Richard Lee said. Earlier this year the city completed sidewalks on Avenue B and minor repairs throughout the city. This is part of the city’s two-year sidewalk project.

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10 years for P.A. man after hitman case

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Port Allen resident Tommy Gioele was sentenced to 10 years in prison after he attempted to hire someone two kill two people on two separate occasions.

Gioele was arrested in December last year on two counts of solicitation for the murder, one each for Manuel and Camellia Persica, who reside in Pointe Coupee Parish. The would-be hitman instead informed the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office of Gioele’s intentions.


Solving the problem with math

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Holy Family School  students excel in digital math program


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Three boys at Holy family School have earned top scores for a new math program in the Diocese of Baton Rouge and in the state of Louisiana.

First in Math, a digital math program, has become a major hit among students, according to Holy Family educators.


Local and state elections approach

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Early voting in WBR higher than state total; gov. race leans toward Edwards

Early voting has ended and election day is just around the corner, and so far parish-wide results show a greater number of participating voters than the state as a whole.

Early voting percentages were higher in WBR than the state total, with approximately 11.5 percent of parish voters casting their ballot during the Oct. 10-17 period, according to WBR Registrar of Voters Stacy Ryan. That is, 1,855 of the parish’s 16,226 registered voters have already cast their ballot.

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