P.A. introduces 2014-2015 budget

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The Port Allen City Council has introduced a budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year with a proposed $9.1 million spending plan.

The plan dips somewhat into the city’s savings in order to satisfy new capital expenditures, such as: to provide funding for computers for the police department and to replace the handheld devices that the meter-readers for the water and gas department use.

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Port Allen continues clean up push

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The City of Port Allen is continuing its clean-up initiative by weeding out more than 40 junk vehicles throughout the city, and more action on junk vehicles underway.

City Inspector Milan Lathers said the city sent out 65 letters to property owners about removing some 80 junk vehicles or showing that they are operational.

“We’ve weeded out more than half of them and are working on the others,” Lathers said. “There is a legal process we have to follow if the property owners are not cooperative, and that takes time.”

Lathers has also contacted some property owners about high grass on their property besides handling other inspector duties.

His office is located in the newly painted Depot on La. Hwy. 1.

The city has also completed re-landscaping at several intersections on La. Hwy. 1 and in some areas of the Old Ferry Landing Park in an effort to freshen up the city and eliminate over-growth at these intersections.

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