PAPD lauded by local store for assistance

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A Port Allen store went from nearly having to close down to being touted as one of the best in the region after the police department intervened, according to Port Allen Police Chief Esdron Brown.

Brown said that the Family Dollar store in Port Allen, a little more than a year ago, was set to close its doors due, in large, to thefts in the store.


Voter fraud case at a halt until failed 2013 recall petition produced

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The West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office must wait until November in order for the 18th Judicial District Court to determine whether Port Allen resident Larry Profit should be held in contempt for failing to produce public records of the failed 2013 petition to recall Port Allen City Councilman R.J. Loupe.

The hearing was originally scheduled for Sept. 11, but a clerk with the WBR Clerk of Court’s office said, “Nothing happened that day.” The hearing was continued to Nov. 6.


Port Allen dedicates road to local man

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A Street Dedication Ceremony was held September 23rd to officially open Eddie Payne III Drive to the public. The new street in Port Allen near William and Lee Park was named after Payne in recognition of his tireless efforts to encourage and motivate area youth.



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On September 17, West Side Journal editor and Port Allen resident Aaron Williams travelled to Uganda, Africa to take part in a project called “Geaux Love Africa.”

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