Port Allen water boil ‘strictly precautionary’

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The water boil issued by in Port Allen on June 20 was deemed purely precautionary, city officials said on Monday.

While under the advisory, the city recommended the approcimately 5,000 residents in Port Allen to disinfect their water by boiling it for one full minute in a clean container. The advisory was broadcast after the city discovered trace amounts of harmful microbiological contaminants in a water sample from the city’s Avenue D water well.


Stop and smell the roses

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Owners Bob and Rhonda Aucoin, followed their hearts, they said.

“We have always talked about owning a business and over the last three to four years, we talked more about a florist business,” said Rhonda.


Port Allen City Council declines legal fees

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The Port Allen City Council declined to pay $51,941 in legal fees to law firm Phelps Dunbar with a vote of 3-2 during its Wednesday, June 10, meeting.

Phelps Dunbar attorney Dennis Blunt brought the legal fees the City Council’s attention after his firm represented the city Mayor Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter during the wrongful termination of Audrey McCain, the city’s chief financial officer, in February 2013. The outstanding invoices were originally brought to the Port Allen committee meeting on June 3.

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