Father David Allen

Pastor, Holy Family Church

How long will it be, oh master, holy and true, before you judge our cause and avenge our blood among the inhabitants of the earth?”

This passage, Revelations 6:10, is so ominous sounding, yet maybe exactly what we need to be asking the lord and ourselves. No matter one’s faith, political party, gender, race, creed or nationality, it’s time to be fed up with the face of evil seen every day in our times, such as the senseless violence in Las Vegas.

The face of evil says obsessive anger, self-centeredness, violence, prejudice, greed, hatred and emotionally instability is something we have to learn to live with.


These things are not guided by natural law or divine law.

They are guided by a false but popular notion: “My ways are right and I don’t have a responsibility for the greater good of all people who have a right to life and a dignity of life.”

“He saved us and called us to a holy life…according to his own design” (2 Timothy 1:8-9).

Life and the ability to live freely without fear is not only unalienable right of this nation, it is the foundation of Jewish and Christian life. I do believe Muslims believe the same.

Our core right is to live with a healthy responsibility fostering the well-being of one another. The creator: God, Father, Abba, Mohammad or whatever name you call him, he is a lord of peace, compassion, equality, integrity, life and love for all.

Let’s drop the excuses and politically correct language and call sick, hateful and violent behavior by name: sin.

If you don’t believe in God, then call it evil. Let’s condemn this behavior and deplore those who perpetuate this disrespect for life. It is time to be aggressive in prayer, community outreach and service to honoring the dignity of one another. Stop protecting the violent, drug dealing and evil heart, even if they are a part of our own family.

Demand justice, but provide a way for a just wage, a quality of life and education. Stop making excuses for those self centered, unhealthy or unjust lifestyles that don’t respect life.

Embrace the words of the prophet Ezekiel, “I will give you a new heart and place my spirit, within you…giving you natural hearts….You shall live in the land I gave your fathers; you shall be my people, and I will be your God” (Ezekiel 36: 26-28).


I do believe God wishes to give us new hearts that respect life, but we have much work, sacrifice and personal responsibility to bring this “respect for life” to reality.

The Cornerstone is a weekly column in the West Side Journal that features a West Baton Rouge Parish pastor’s thoughts, teachings and writings. The inspirational messages by the participating pastors are not edited for content by The West Side Journal staff. If your pastor would like to participate in this column, please have them contact the editor at editor@thewestsidejournal.com, or by phone, at (225) 343-2540.

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