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Some introductory remarks from our new news editor

Breanna Smith


In fifth grade, I started a one-woman newspaper operation in the office of my grandparents’ house using Microsoft Word and Clip Art.

The weekly paper came in yellow, pink and blue. It was complete with a love advice column, weekly interviews with faculty members, and full coverage of recess kickball tournaments. For just 25 cents I kept my classmates informed and entertained. Then came pre-algebra and my newspaper business fell to the wayside.

Now, I am making my fifth grade dreams of being a real newspaper editor come true and I am elated that it is here in West Baton Rouge.

A year ago I walked into The West Side Journal’s office to interview for the intern reporter position. I had spent the previous summer as an event coordination intern for a local non-profit and the fall semester as a marketing intern for a pizza company. I wasn’t good at selling pizza, which isn’t even hard to sell, and I was too good at organizing pens so I decided to try local journalism. And well, the rest is history.

For the past year I have written news and feature stories for the Journal as a staff reporter. I worked under the direction of the Journal’s former editor, Quinn Welsch, covering education, news, business and community features.

I am a Baton Rouge native and graduate of Episcopal High School. I grew up around the sugar cane in St. Gabriel, not unlike those on the West Side. I always take River Road to Addis Town Council meetings, and more often than not I stop and get out of my car to admire a sunset over the sugar cane, one of the Louisiana skys prettiest treats.

I am a recent﹣as in last week﹣graduate of the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication with a concentration in print journalism and a minor in finance. I am looking forward to putting skills I learned in the classroom to work, but there is no greater teacher than experience.

As the editor of the official journal of the West Side it is my job to report current news and facts, but it is also my job to tell your story. I promise to spare you from a love advice column, but the goal of my fifth grade operation was to inform and entertain, and that is my goal here at the Journal.

I hope to not only report the news, but give the West Side community the invaluable resource of its written history.

It is important to note the West Side Journal is nowhere near a one man operation like my fifth grade endeavor. The freelance writers, office staff, reporters, and readership make this newspaper worth much more than the sum of its parts. I look forward to serving the community with informed, balanced news and storytelling.

Feel free to reach out to me any time by email at or follow me on Twitter @Bthejournalist.

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