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The West Side Journal launched a shiny, new website on Wednesday, Sept. 26.

I’m not big on surprises, but this project was a big undertaking for the staff of the Journal, and we wanted to make sure it was actually happening before we announced it. The website address is still but there are a few changes and new services.

The e-edition

For readers who still love the look and feel of a newspaper, we have made an e-edition available each week. The e-edition is a replica of our journal, but available digitally. E-editions will also help us maintain our archives in a searchable, digital format.


Now readers can submit news tips, requests, and corrections by using a form on our website. Simply visit our news page and click “go to form.” Readers are required to create an account to send forms. Once an account is made, a reader may comment on posts, follow our reporters if there’a particular story or beat you’re interested in and share our posts easily to your social media pages.

Community Calendar

Plan ahead with our new community calendar. The community calendar provides readers with all of the information they need about ongoing and upcoming events in West Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Readers may also submit content for the calendar using an online form to spread the word about events on the West Side. The calendar can be accessed from any page on our website by clicking on the calendar or dates displayed on the right side of the page.


Advertise easily with the West Side Journal by placing a classified ad on our new website, which will also run in the printed newspaper. Simply fill out the form and our ad manager will give you a call to complete the order.

Our website upgrade process is not yet complete, but soon all billing will be processed through our website as well. This will allow readers to easily subscribe, renew a subscription and submit classified ads all in one spot.


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