Tara Snearl
Tara Snearl speaks to West Baton Rouge residents during a Town Hall hosted by the Justice for Fatrell Organization. The organization works to ensure that the community’s voice is an important part of the dialogue to achieve the most effective outcomes. For this reason, the organization has developed programs connecting residents with elected officials to enhance community engagement.

Greetings Breanna,

The Justice for Fatrell Organization has proposed that Port Allen Chief Esdron Brown and Port Allen City Council enact a Community Oversight Board to meet the diverse needs as it relates to public safety within the city of Port Allen. As a result of the tragic murder of Fatrell Queen, the victim’s mother, Tara Snearl initiated the Justice for Fatrell Organization.

Tara Snearl, President and board members Kevin Lawrence, Vice President and Clerice Lacy, Director have diligently met with Chief Brown and the City Council Members to discuss police policies, procedures, and various ways to bridge the gap between community and law enforcement. Those meetings have had periods of agreements and disagreements; overall, the Justice for Fatrell has sought to have more transparency in public safety and law enforcement. Community Oversight Boards has proven to be an effective tool that covers all domains of previous discussions with the Chief and the Council.

COB (Community Oversight Board) is trending throughout the nation. A COB would work to help improve public safety by overviewing incidents related to police misconduct, serving the community as an option for interns to review complaints and provide officer disciplinary recommendations and training; which would strengthen law enforcement agencies and build more trust between the community and law enforcement. Community Oversight Boards have also proven to reduce hostile work environments and high police turnover rates. It is imperative that we take the necessary steps to ensure accountability and transparency is enforced as it relates to public safety. As well as the importance of community and law enforcement relations.

Justice for Fatrell has worked relentless hours to improve public safety and public relations with police enforcement in the community: including, attendance to several city hall meetings where we presented to Chief Brown and Port Allen City Council a well developed presentation on Community Oversight Boards, hosted public meetings to introduce and discuss COB to the community, traveled to major cities that implemented COB for discussion and ultimately formulated a model, a resolution and begin the implementation of a COB for the City of Port Allen. The COB is most effective with those well versed in criminal justice with knowledge of the laws and the board should consist of individuals well diverse in law community and law enforcement relations and overall well-funded. 

We greatly appreciate your time and look forward to continued communication.


Justice for Fatrell Organization

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