Many property owners and other citizens in West Baton Rouge Parish were elated when we heard the news that the Parish President and the Brusly Town Council proposed a bike/walking path on the levee in West Baton Rouge Parish.

It was called the “West Baton Rouge Heritage Pathway.” Parish leaders had applied for and received a federal grant to fund this project. A walking/bike path will not adversely affect the value of property nor is it as environmentally toxic as are industrial sites, chemical plants, logging trucks, dirt-hauling etc. all over our levee system. This is a quality of life issue that will benefit many people in our parish, improve health, and promote positive economic growth in our area.

When the levee system was built with federal funds at taxpayer expense, it did so to protect all citizens from flooding by the Mississippi River. It has served in this capacity well and as a consequence the value of property near the Mississippi River increased for everyone. I am sure that no property owners tried to block the construction of the levee when it was built.

All citizens benefited greatly when the River Road was built through the same area years ago at taxpayer expense. Property values sored in this area as a result of this action. No property owners in the area tried to block construction of the RIVER ROAD and many people again benefited.

Finally, I am calling on the citizens of West Baton Rouge Parish to join me in supporting our government leaders in West Baton Rouge Parish as they try to improve our parish by completing the “West Baton Rouge Heritage Pathway.” I am a property owner, taxpayer, and I have lived along the Mississippi River for over sixty years, and this is one of the best things to happen in our parish.

Jessie J. LeBlanc

Concerned citizen of West Baton Rouge Parish

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