Food drive

Few things are as effective at bringing people together as food. A good meal shared with others is an invitation many people simply can’t pass up, making food a perfect thing to partner with charitable endeavors. Charitable organizations can always benefit from a little financial help, and well-intentioned men and women can raise funds for their favorite charities in various ways. The following are some food-friendly ways to lend a hand to a favorite charity while also enjoying a good meal. Fundraising food fight Decorum tends to dictate how to behave at the dinner table. But even the most well-mannered men, women and children might welcome the chance to leave decorum at the door if they’re doing so for a good cause. Mix a little fun with your food and fundraising by organizing a food fight. Encourage everyone to wear white and then serve an especially messy dish like spaghetti and meatballs. Host the meal on the grass in the backyard so any shrapnel left behind gets cleaned up by pets or local wildlife. A post-meal pie throwing contest can make the food fight that much more fun. Pay-per-plate pig roast cochon du laits are traditionally laid back affairs where everyone has a good time. A pay-per-plate neighborhood pig roast with friends, family and neighbors can be a great way to mingle with loved ones, meet new people, enjoy great food, and raise money for charity. Communal cooking Another great way to use food to raise funds for charity is to organize a communal cooking event. Encourage friends, family, neighbors, or fellow members of local religious and/or civic organizations to gather and prepare an assortment of dishes together. The resulting dishes can then be sold bake sale-style with all of the proceeds going to a local charity. Food truck block party The food truck industry is booming, and just about any type of cuisine can be prepared on a truck. Combine people’s love of food trucks with a neighborhood block party. Work with food truck vendors, who may be eligible for tax breaks by offering free or discounted rates for the day of the party. Encourage neighbors to pitch in for the trucks and organize a 50/50 raffle with the proceeds going to a local charity. Before spreading the word about the party, contact your local government to confirm if any permits are necessary for special events. Combining food with fundraising is a great way to raise money for local charities. 

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