Deputies with the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested two men last Wednesday accused of trying to take advantage of an elderly woman at her home near Burnside. 

Sgt. Ryan Polansky said a call was received from the woman around 4 p.m. 

“She told us there’s some guys spraying some kind of stuff on her roof and she didn’t think they were legitimate,” he said. 

Dep. Troy Latiolais was dispatched to the scene, Polansky said, and arrived in time to block the men’s vehicle in the driveway of the woman’s house on Bueche Road. 

The woman said the men--there were three, but the third was a juvenile, so he could not be arrested--approached her and said they noticed she had issues with her roof and offered to fix them with a solution they had in a tank in their truck, Polansky said. 

The woman said the men had originally claimed to be in the area for another job and would be using leftover solution, later telling her they would have to charge more because of the amount of material they would need, further arousing her suspicion. 

Arrested were Angelo Peres, 24, 7306 Kite Hill Dr., Houston, and Dustin Eli, 23, 121 E. Foreway, Baytown, Texas, 

Both were charged with one count of residential contractor fraud and released after posting a $15,000 bond. 

Polansky advised residents to be wary of similar schemes. 

“If they have any doubt about whether something is legitimate, call 911 because it’s an emergency,” he said.

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