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Jack Smith, 25, 131 Whitehead Blvd, Port Allen, LA, bench warrant

Randy Hanchett, 19, Homestead Dr, Plaquemine, LA, bench warrant

Danyelle Beloney, 34, 24230 Bourgeois St, Plaquemine, LA, bench warrant, probation violation, driving under suspension, resisting an officer, no MVI

Darius Craig, 26, 3764 Choctaw Rd, Brusly, LA, domestic abuse battery

Khris Pfister, 32, 122 Johnson St, St. Rose, LA, possession of schedule I CDS, possession of schedule II CDS, possession of schedule III CDS

Joshua Collins, 30, 2408 Commercial Dr, Port Allen, LA, driving under suspension, bench warrant

Dallas Simon, 29, 2252 Shady Oars Dr, Baton Rouge, LA, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of hydrocodone, possession of hydrocodone, possession of a firearm in presence of CDS

Keandre Collins, 25, 180 Pine Bayou Circle, Monroe, LA, possession of marijuana, possession of schedule II hydrocodone, illegal carrying of a weapon with a CDS, possession of a firearm convicted felon, following too close, no driver’s license

Lance Leonard, 46, 316 S. Bay Rd, Pierre Part, LA, possession of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia

Tia Bosley, 24, 24455 El-eanor Dr, Plaquemine, LA, bench warrant

Terry Harrison, 55, 244 Melissa Ave, Port Allen, LA, careless operation, open container, driving under suspension for certain prior offenses, possession with intent to distribute marijuana

Krystal Fontenot, 30, 2020 Hwy 415, Port Allen, LA, bench warrant

Jesse Anthony, 39, 4018 Union Dr, Addis, LA, simple assault 2cts, bench warrant

Kandis Nation, 26, 519 Pelahatchie Shore Dr, Brandon, MS, theft

Jacob Funderburk, 36, 5213 Elm Grove Rd, Port Allen, LA, simple battery

James Watson, 48, 13496 Arnold Rd, Walker, LA, theft

Joseph Grezaffi, 50, 8069 Sage Hill Rd, St. Francisville, LA, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling

Hayes Granville, 45, 3928 S. River Rd, Port Allen, LA, aggravated assault 2cts

Anethia Martin, 54, 3358 Pauls Lane, Brusly, LA, theft

Paul McLean, 53, 5903 Denoua St, Baton Rouge, LA, resisting an officer, angling without a license

Matthias Dyson, 29, 308 W. Olive St, Amite, LA, following too close, resisting an officer, speeding

Kimberly Weatherford, 49, 1590 Court St #35, Port Allen, LA, bench warrant

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