Carey Denstel

Carey Denstel

First and foremost, I’d like to issue a statement of sincere gratitude directed to everyone who made efforts toward the success of my campaign to represent District VI on the West Baton Rouge Parish Council. All the support, well wishes and labor along the way were both humbling and inspiring. Please know that I pledge to represent all the constituents of District VI to my utmost ability. I also look forward to working with the parish administration team.

As I mentioned in my initial announcement to run for this seat on the Parish Council, this was not a role in which I rashly decided to pursue. Rather, throughout the last several decades, I have assumed multiple posts and responsibilities that I believed would best prepare me to serve on the West Baton Rouge Parish Council at the appropriate time. Please know this is not a responsibility that I take lightly, nor for granted. I thank you for the opportunity to represent the best interests of our neighborhoods and community.

This is a pivotal time in shaping the future of West Baton Rouge as it relates to growth, zoning, infrastructure, drainage, maintaining quality of life, among other pertinent issues and values for our beautiful Parish. I invite everyone’s point of view to be represented in the eventual topics and votes that will be taken over the next four years. West Baton Rouge Parish is a wonderful place to live, work and play. I look forward to making a positive contribution to keeping West Baton Rouge Parish, the best it can be.

Thank You!

Carey T. Denstel

Councilman-Elect WBR Council District VI

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