Pre-K students at Chamberlin Elementary School engineered a town of their own in a five-week project with the help of their teacher Kacy Patin.

Everybody-Ville has it all— a farm, hair salon, construction equipment company, candy store, a travel agency with its own cruise line, an active volcano, mechanic shop and much more. The town even has a bridge across the river and several railroad tracks.

Students researched West Baton Rouge by taking photos of the homes, businesses, and buildings in their neighborhood. Then, they designed a town of their own which they voted to name Everybody-Ville.

Each student served on a committee and was responsible for the construction of one building in town. Students worked together in water, roads, bridges, mountain, train and beach committees. Then, each committee worked together to create a map of Everybody-Ville's roads, bridges, train tracks, and natural features before construction began. Each student chose a business or town amenity inspired by their hobbies, passions and the businesses their parents operate.

Teacher Kacy Patin said she helped students form committees and vote, but students created every aspect of Everybody-Ville amongst themselves learning to work together, and problem solve. Parents donated recyclables and boxes, which students used for construction materials. 

“It gives young students who may not have learning opportunities at home or at a caregivers house the chance to develop a variety of skills to be successful in future education,” Patin said. “Especially through fun project-based learning activities like these. We want them to develop a love of learning, and hopefully, that is what we are doing.”

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