Chris Pena is the guest speaker for the Young-Sanders Center for the Study of the War Between the States in Louisiana on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 1:30 at the Young-Sanders Center is located at 701 Teche Drive in Franklin, Louisiana.

Chris Pena is a retired Nicholls State University nursing professor and critical care nurse, but his pastime, before and after retirement, involved writing about Louisiana historical events, including chronicling the medical care of soldiers during the Civil War. Earning an undergraduate degree in History and accumulating over twenty-five hours of post-graduate credits in History, Pena has authored several books about the Civil War in southeast Louisiana. His current interest includes recounting a trilogy of famous, yet little known, New Orleans murders that occurred just before and after the turn of the twentieth century. His first book in this series was released by Pelican Publishing Company in February 2017: The Strange Case of Dr. Etienne Deschamps: Murder in the New Orleans French Quarter, the Second in November 2018: Death Over a Diamond Stud: The Assassination of the Orleans Parish District Attorney, and the third is scheduled to be released in late 2020: The old Basin Murder: A New Orleans Tale of Savagery.

Regarding the upcoming presentation, Pena’s thirty-three years of experience as a registered nurse, coupled with his background in history, gives him a unique prospective into the medical needs of soldiers who fought and died on both sides in southeast Louisiana during the Civil War.

Chris Pena’s lecture on March 16, 2019 is open to the general public with no admission fee. Refreshments will be served.

For further information contact the Center at or call us at (337) 413-1861.

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