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BATON ROUGE  - In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pope Francis’ proclamation of the Year of St. Joseph and the diocese’s 60th anniversary, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge will be celebrating “60 Years in the Year of St. Joseph” from May 1, 2021 (The Feast of St. Joseph the Worker), to March 19, 2022 (The Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary).

“On Dec. 8, 2020, Pope Francis announced the Year of St. Joseph in an apostolic letter entitled Patris Corde,” said Bishop Michael G. Duca. “In his letter, the Holy Father expressed a desire for the faithful across the world to rediscover St. Joseph and imitate his life of heroic virtue. St. Joseph has played a prominent role in our diocese since its inception in 1961, and as we began planning for the 60th anniversary celebration this year, it seemed only natural to celebrate not only the rich history of our diocese but its beloved patron.”

Throughout the year, the diocese will be offering opportunities for the lay faithful to learn more about the history of the local church while also celebrating its patron. A planning committee composed of representatives of all six diocesan secretariats is preparing for numerous liturgical celebrations which will take place during the observance. In addition, the committee is working to create prayer cards, coloring books, videos and a diocesan-wide pilgrimage guide. The hope is that these items will encourage families across the diocese to take part in the celebration in their homes, schools, parishes and beyond.

For more information about “60 Years in the Year of St. Joseph,” please visit and follow the Diocese of Baton Rouge on Facebook.

About the Roman Catholic Diocese of

Baton Rouge:

With over 200,000 Catholics, 64 parishes, some 30 Catholic schools, one university and four collegiate ministry locations, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge is a culturally di verse faith community encompassing 12 civil parishes in south central Louisiana. Under the leadership of Bishop Michael G. Duca, the diocese seeks to encourage those it serves to encounter Jesus Christ and one another through prayer, acts of charity and the sacramental life.


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