Caiden King

Holy Family School's Student of the Year Caiden King

Caiden King was named the Student of the Year for the 2019-10 school year at Holy Family School and from what all of his teachers and administrators say about the eighth grader, he’s certainly worthy.

“He’s a very bright individual, very talented, he’s a great artist, very friendly, very personable and he was just at the top of our list for Student of the Year,” said his principal, Alise Ashford.

“I have witnessed his enthusiasm, passion and incredible work ethic both on the field and in the classroom,” said Bart Saia, the school’s athletic director.

“Caiden is a true example of a student-athlete as his dedication and commitment to both are very impressive,” he continued.

“It is an honor for me to have him represent Holy Family every time he puts a uniform on as he always displays great sportsmanship and is a team player,” Saia said.

King has made a similar impression on all of his teachers.

“Caiden always displays kindness, humility and Christian values when interacting with his teachers and his classmates,” said his history teacher, Pat Crocker. “Caiden is one of the best essay writers I have taught and his knowledge of American history is quite impressive.”

“He cares about each topic he writes about and goes above and beyond to make sure he has included all the facts about his topic as well as his references and resources,” Crocker continued.

“…His ultimate love is music history and is very knowledgeable about the history of rock music,” the history teacher continued.

It makes sense that the Student of the Year would do well in history—it’s his favorite subject.

“I really like to learn how the world came to be, how it changed and how many events it took to shape our modern day world,” he said.

While many students struggle with one subject or another, King seems to be an exception to that theory. His algebra teacher is impressed with the young man as well.

“When it comes to math, Caiden is a very bright student,” said Lauren Labbé. It seems as though there’s no type of skill that can stump him but if there is, he doesn’t stop until he has mastered the concept.” 

“Caiden is a well-rounded student,” said Lori Louaillier, his religion and homeroom teacher. “He contributes to our religious class discussions with a maturity beyond his years and tries to set an example for our younger students.”

“He is funny and sweet, just a joy to teach,” she continued.

“Caiden is more than deserving to be Student of the Year,” said his science teacher, Mary Campbell. “Caiden is a dedicated student who puts effort into everything he does.”

“His classwork is always of the highest quality and exceeds expectations,” she continued. “…He is a great role model for his classmates.”

King, despite all the praise from his teachers, likes to fill his spare time doing normal boy things.

“I like to ride bikes with my friends and I enjoy spending time by myself reading and writing stories,” he said, adding he also likes playing music on his instruments—guitar, ukulele and keyboard.

The love of music and his desired career choice go hand-in-hand.

“I’m definitely going to college,” King said. “Career-wise, I really enjoy the field of music, as in producing music, making movies. Those are the things I want to consider doing.”

“I have no doubt that Caiden will go far in life with his determination and drive to succeed,” Labbé said.

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