Acquiring strong mathematical skills in elementary school not only allows children to be introduced to concepts, skills and thinking, it also supports learning across the board. Looking at the strong math curriculum at Holy Family School, allows us to see how children are making sense of the numbers, patterns and shapes they see in the world around them. It also offers multiple ways of handling data in an increasingly digital world and makes a crucial contribution to the students’ development as a successful learner for the rest of their academic careers. Through the FIRST IN MATH on-line mathematical practice program, Holy Family School is ensuring that all students are given the tools they need to be successful.

First in Math is a supplemental, on-line, practicing program that allows children to practice and apply what they are learning in class by offering grade level mathematical games that help to stimulates curiosity and foster creativity. There are more than 200 self-paced activities that offer immediate feedback to help students master procedural skills and help teachers assess where intervention is needed.

FIRST IN MATH is great for individualized instruction. K to 5th activities are presented in an online "Game" format that engages students. While the emphasis is on the improvement of numerical fluency and mathematical skills, each activity is also designed to strengthen problem-solving, reasoning and communication skills. The program features a Competition/Rankings component to provide motivation and sustain high activity levels. As students play, they earn virtual award "stickers" that accrue to their personal and classroom score. On a weekly basis, the rankings are provided for the top students, and top schools in both the state and the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Holy Family School is currently ranked #1 in both the state of Louisiana and the Diocese of Baton Rouge. 4th grade student, Jairius Jones, is currently ranked as the student of the week by earning over 3,238 stickers.

Even though “M” is the last letter of the ever-growing important STEM curriculum, it is first in the importance to Holy Family students and all students looking to be successful in our competitive jobs of the future.

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