The West Baton Rouge Parish Library hosted hundreds of students for the annual Puppet Theater show last week. The Puppet Theater presented "Take Out the Garbage and the Trash," written by Judy Boyce of the WBRPL, for the first time in 2009. 
This year the puppeteers brought back the waterfowl-tastic musical, which introduces students to the many types of waterfowl that travel to south Louisiana for the winter and the importance of keeping waste, trash, and pollutants out of storm drains. Elementary students from across West Baton Rouge met an owl, nutria rat, anhinga, mallard, egret, pelican and even a sneaky fox trying to pass as a duck. 
WBRPL youth services and outreach librarian Judy Boyce wrote the script and music lyrics for the production. Boyce collected her ideas for the show from years of observing migrating birds at the Capitol Lake in Baton Rouge and reading about their lives, behaviors, habitats, and migration patterns. 
Several community volunteers brought Boyce's vision to reality by building sets, painting scenery, making costumes, and recording music. 
Gifted and talented art graduates from Brusly and Port Allen high schools, Megan and Morgan Robnett, Hayden Swarner and Chris Thomas, built the set. Paula and John Currier serve as "go-to" stage constructors and directors of lighting and sound. 
Linda Collins, a local artist, seamstress, and operations manager of the West Baton Rouge Museum, created many of the show's fifty realistic puppets and animal costumes. 
"Take Out the Garbage and the Trash" includes seven songs, 12 puppeteers, 50 characters and took 13 volunteers to create. 
For more information on the West Baton Rouge Puppet Theater visit

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