Little was said about the long-awaited La. 1/La. 415 connector at a public hearing last week, but attendants learned much about the rest of a massive Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) project.

The project is designed to relieve traffic issues from La. 415 eastward to the I-10/I-12 split east of College Drive.

The presentation did provide the estimated cost of the La. 1 to La. 415 connector at nearly $32 million of federal funding.

The connector is expected to cost $125 million, with the remainder being dedicated from the proceeds the state received from the settlement with BP after the 2010 oil spill.

The presentation did include some information about the connector about how federal funds might be used to undertake some of the changes at the West Baton Rouge Parish intersection.

In West Baton Rouge Parish, the project could include modifications at La. 1 and I-10 including shoulder widening, acceleration/deceleration lane (entrance and exit ramps) lengthening, an additional travel lane westbound on I-10 to La. 415 and widening the shoulders on Mississippi River Bridge approach from the west side.

The purpose of the corridor study is to identify system deficiencies contributing to congestion patterns throughout the I-10 corridor from west of the Mississippi River to the I-10/I-12 split and develop solutions,” according to a presentation hosted by DOTD.

“Current congested traffic conditions on I-10 are the result of inadequate, aging infrastructure and increased travel demand,” is the explanation DOTD provided in the presentation for the problems currently facing that stretch of the interstate.

“Concepts to address these system deficiencies were developed as part of a comprehensive public initiative designed to capture public input in advance of, during, and after alternative development” the presentation continued.

The project includes the widening of much of I-12 and I-10 corridor and major modifications to many of the intersections within the project’s scope.

The feasibility of these concepts was analyzed and documented in a report prepared in accordance with DOTD guidelines.

The open house included a PowerPoint presentation that lasted about 20 minutes and a rendering of the project about 40 feet long and four feet wide.

Comments from the public were taken at the hearing and can be submitted by the public through Dec. 3.

Submissions can be delivered through the website, by email to or by mail to I-10 BR Stage 1, c/o Franklin Assoc., 2148 Government St., Baton Rouge, La., 70806.

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